Writers of Influence: Shakespeare to J.K. Rowling

Hi, I’m Lisa and I work in the National programmes department of the National Portrait Gallery. I’m based in exhibitions but work on touring displays and exhibitions with our partner galleries in Sheffield, Southampton, Sunderland and Plymouth. It’s been really busy lately as we have all been working towards the opening of our new collaborative exhibition Writers of Influence: Shakespeare to JK Rowling at the Graves Gallery in Sheffield which is now open!

William Shakespeare attributed to John Taylor © National Portrait Gallery, London

Very excited as I’ll be attending the official launch tomorrow evening and can’t wait to see all of the works in the gallery space – I feel like I know the images so well now as have been doing image lists and checking copyright loads but of course the artworks will look so different on the walls so it will be fantastic to finally see it!

Find out more about the exhibition at the National Portrait Gallery & Museums Sheffield’s websites:



I actually went down to the frame studio the other week to see some of the works being packed which was great and especially looking forward to seeing the JK Rowling piece in situ as I’ve never seen it exhibited.

J.K. Rowling by Stuart Pearson Wright © National Portrait Gallery, London

Still busy checking copyright for all of the images to feature on the website. Even though copyright for Sheffield images is all sorted, Southampton and Plymouth have been asking for images to start marketing and press material so it’s been pretty busy with lots of emails to answer and meetings to set up!

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