Curating exhibitions can be murder

Agatha Christie © National Portrait Gallery, London

Hello, I’m Anita. I’m the Schools Learning Coordinator at Museums Sheffield. I love my job. I get to do fun craft and art projects with young people, and I get paid for it! I’ve been working with lots of young people over the last few months. I worked with Creative and Media Diploma students from Newfield School in Sheffield who produced and performed a comedy event inspired by the exhibition Comedians: From the 1940s to Now Photographs from the National Portrait Gallery. The group had to make their own flyers, source their own resources and manage a budget too.

I’ve also been working with a group of Young Curators. This has been a first for us at Museums Sheffield, getting young people to co-curate an exhibition. It was made all the more exciting because we were getting the famous Chandos portrait of Shakespeare. The Young Curators selected the works, worked out themes, wrote text labels, chose wall paint colours, had meetings with curators, and even had a meeting with the NPG team in London. We had the opening of their show Writers of Influence: Shakespeare to J K Rowling on 20th April. It was such a lovely evening with lots of people coming to see what wonderful work they had done. Even Sandy Nairne, Director of the NPG, came to admire the show. We are all so proud of our young people in Sheffield and I’m looking forward now to my next project with Creative and Media Diploma students starting tomorrow. I’ll let you know about that next time.

Anyway, I couldn’t resist adding the Agatha Christie portrait. When I was a teenager I loved her books and read so many of them. She doesn’t look like someone who’d write about murder does she?

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