Writers of Influence: From Shakespeare to JK Rowling

Hello I’m Sara here in very hot and sunny Plymouth! I’ve never written a blog in my life so doing this is very exciting for me, a techno numpty!

I’m an Education Officer and I work with young people. We’ve got Attic Media filming us today for the Creative and Media Diploma course website and will come to The Core; our youth forum meeting this afternoon.

Several of us members of staff are being interviewed about what we do here and at the meeting this afternoon we’ll be discussing publicity and promotion of the exhibition. Some of the young people are getting a bit scared about the camera crew being there, but they’re so lovely I know it’ll all be fine! Bizarrely, we may have a couple of new members for the group come along tonight for the first time – none of us have met, so it’ll be interesting to see how we all do together with a crew as well! As this is partly an experiment to see if I can actually write a blog, I’ll finish for now and be back later! Hope you can get out and enjoy the sun as well :-)

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