Film stars for a day!

Hello, my name is Adam and I’m part of the Learning Team at Plymouth City Museum and Art Gallery. As part of my job I get to work with Primary and Secondary school groups, Further and Higher education students, Diploma students – loads of different people really. I also get involved with the interpretation of exhibitions, occassionally with the physical layout of exhibitions, and usually help to install these exhibitions along with the Exhibitions Team. You can see some of our ‘Behind the Scenes’ photographs on our Flickr page. There are loads of other interesting photos (or embarrassing, depending on your point of view!) on the site that you can have a look at.

On Friday, we hosted Attic Media for the day, who took the long train journey to the sunny South West to spend the day filming our staff, and our youth forum ‘The Core’, for the new Creative and Media Diploma website that is being created for all you lucky students.

Atticmedia setting up to film in the gallery

Atticmedia setting up

Here you can see a picture of Sara with Attic Media, setting up in our North Gallery. It was a really interesting experience for me to see how these professional films are made – from the positioning of cameras, sound recording levels, and the method of questioning which enables the interviewee to give a thorough and (hopefully) interesting answer.

Preparing to film

Here Danny from Attic Media is preparing for Sara to be interviewed. I think he is standing in front of the camera so Terry the camera man can get the framing correct. Rob the sound man is out of shot, but could be found dangling a boom mic in front of us for most of the day!

Sarah Norrish being filmed

Sarah Norrish being filmed

Here Sara is being interviewed in the North Gallery. The light was very bright and very blue, apparently this was to correct the colour on the film as the spotlights we use in the gallery to light the exhibitions are quite yellow in colour.

We had quite a tight schedule on the day of filming, which required a lot of planning to ensure that the time during the day was used well. Overall 8 staff members were interviewed during the day, from differents departments within the organisation. We also filmed a meeting with The Core, who are a group of 11 – 25 year olds who have an interest in being involved with the Museum and Art Gallery. The meeting was focused on how we could market and promote events we are organising for the new exhibition Writers of Influence – Shakespeare to JK Rowling to young people.

I’m really looking forward to seeing the films when they have been edited. Despite standing up and talking to large groups of school children or students on a daily basis, I was actually quite nervous when it came to my interview!

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