Jet-set lifestyle?

We had a partnership meeting in Sheffield yesterday, where all the staff involved with the partnership meet up to discuss matters relating to the exhibitions we produce, our education programmes, our marketing plans etc.

Now, Plymouth to Sheffield is quite a long way – 4hrs 52 mins to be precise, both ways. That means 9hrs 44mins on a train – not quite as glamorous as some of you may think these things are! It was definitely worth the trip though, as Museums Sheffield and their Young Curators have done a marvelous job on Writers of Influence – From Shakespeare to J.K Rowling.

Having seen the exhibition now, I’m able to think about the layout for the exhibition when it arrives here. I’ve started a 3D model of the gallery we will be installing it in -

Empty 3D model

I will start to add thumbnails of the images as soon as I get a chance. Using a computer for this work has been really useful in the past, allowing me to make sure all the works will fit on our gallery walls, check any floor spaces to make sure they allow access for visitors in wheelchairs or with pushchairs, and I’m also able to position a ‘camera’ in the model to look at the exhibition as if I’m actually standing in the room.

Alright – it’s not quite up to Avatar standards, but it’s good enough for us!

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