We are all writers

Young curators Cat, Charlotte and Annie at the Writers of Influence launch

Well the Writers of Influence show is proving to be very popular and I’ve now got the photographs from the launch evening.

I’ve also started working with a group of Year 10 Creative and Media Diploma students from The City School in Sheffield. It’s a bit strange because it’s my old school, although it was a very long time ago that I went there, but there are still some teachers’ names that I recognise.

Sandy Nairne and David Bell with Annie at the Writers of Influence launch

Anyway I’ve commissioned the students to produce some written interpretation for some of the art works in Graves Gallery in Sheffield. They are to use the writers in the Writers of Influence show to inspire their writing styles and content. The important thing is that the interpretation must appeal to other young people and needs to be something that can be picked up and read in the gallery. I’ll let you know how it goes, but I’m really looking forward to seeing what they produce.

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