Luminous Blue

Top Class Touch

Louise Stephenson (Exhibitions Officer) painting the last sections of the gallery walls ready for the Writers of Influence exhibition to be installed.

Southampton City Art Gallery prior to the Writers of Influence exhibition hang.

Portraits lined up for checking.

Tomorrow Southampton will host it’s private view for the Writers of Influence exhibition. The gallery has been painted a luminous blue, just like Kelda’s (Youth Forum) gallery model. Louise Stephenson (Exhibitions Officer) and Matt (Youth Forum) were applying the last layers of paint last week, and the false wall has been waiting for the JK Rowling piece to be neatly tucked in: it’s now looking great. Rebecca Moisan and Ambrose Scott-Moncrieff (Conservation) have been checking all the art works in detail and Rebecca let me film her doing this, although my filming is driving everybody round the bend! Vinyl text and polished glass have completed the installation and I am looking forward to seeing the gallery space filled with people.

  1. Lisa Beauchamp says:

    what a lovely wall colour – good choice Kelda!


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