It’s so sad!

I’ve not blogged for a while because I’ve been grief-stricken. Shakespeare has gone! I think we all had a little tantrum as he left the building. It’s great for Southampton because they get to have such a fantastic exhibition. Anyway, despite him leaving I’m still working on the project with City School. They have written 5 songs, been to a recording studio and made a cd, all inspired by the lyricists in the show. It’s really exciting because one of the things that happens in galleries is something called interpretation. This is when text labels, information leaflets, interactives, games, tours etc are all written, made and planned. Interpretation is all about reading the art work and saying something about it to help visitors read and enjoy the work too. City School students have now provided us with their own quirky interpretation of some very old and traditional works. I’ll try to get a copy of one of the works and a set of lyrics up here next time.

  1. Lisa Beauchamp says:

    We miss Shakespeare too Anita! Cant believe he’s at the second venue already!


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