Trainers by the truck load, trainers by the tonne

Well maybe not trainers, but certainly paintings, photographs, drawings, prints and sculptures!

We waived goodbye to Writers of Influence this morning, so hopefully it will arrive in Sunderland at some point very soon. I managed to take a few photos while the exhibition was being deinstalled this week.

This photo shows a few of the crates that are used to transport work between venues. In this instance, some of the most fragile work was transported in crates, such as paintings and sculpture.

This one shows a general view of the gallery during the deinstallation. You should be able to make out a few rolls of bubble wrap, many tool boxes, ‘wheels’ for moving crates, and some covered tables for condition checking the works out of our gallery. Each time objects are loaned in or sent home, we have to check their condition against what has been reported on that object before it has been transported to us, just to make sure nothing has happened to it during travel. We do this with some very strange specialist equipment, including my favourite – magnifying glasses that fit on your head. Strangely, our conservator doesn’t really like me taking photos of him wearing these, but I’ll keep trying!

Last one. This picture shows a very minimal hang at the far end of the Souh Gallery. We have already removed some of the photographs and drawings and left the larger oils on the wall. I quite like this style of exhibition myself – plenty of space around paintings!

Good luck Sunderland!

  1. Emily Allen
    Emily Allen says:

    Hi Adam
    The exhibition arrived safely in Sunderland, many thanks.
    It’s been a busy two weeks installing the exhibition but we’ve nearly finished for tonight’s preview night.


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