Writers exhibition is here!

The Writers of Influence exhibition arrived from Plymouth in mid January and we were all very excited to see the portraits.

A team of us have carefully checked all the paintings, arranged them in the gallery, hung them on the walls, installed the graphics and interactives and ensured it was all lit to the correct light levels.

Is that painting straight?

It was a really special moment to see the portrait of William Shakespeare installed in the gallery. A nice little touch we added was to reproduce Shakespeare’s signature in gold lettering as a title above the portrait – he has a lovely swirly calligraphy style handwriting!

Shakespeare checked out

Opposite Shakespeare in the gallery is Catherine Cookson, our local writer in the exhibition, so it’ll be interesting to see who visitors most look at!

Local author Catherine Cookson

I’m now busy putting the final touches to the exhibition before the preview night tonight, when the Director of the National Portrait Gallery and colleagues will be coming to see the exhibition. I do hope they, and our other visitors, will enjoy the exhibition. See what you think yourself. Click here for details about Sunderland Museum & Winter Gardens.

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