Emily Allen: Exhibitions Officer

What connects tissue paper, gloves, bubblewrap and peeling vinyl letters?

…The take down of the Writers exhibition at Sunderland. After months of planning, the deinstall happens in a matter of days, which somehow just seems wrong! But the art needs to be carefully packed up and transported out soon, so … Continue reading 

Heads buzzing with inspiration

In the final week of the Writers exhibition at Sunderland, I’ve taken some time to evaluate what visitors have thought about the exhibition. It’s been really inspiring to read about other people being inspired! Here’s a few to share with … Continue reading 

Vote for your favourite writer

Sunderland visitors to the exhibition have been busy scribing on the comments board, giving their thoughts on the exhibition and their favourite writer. We’ve just done a count and the results so far are: 1st – Roald Dahl 2nd – … Continue reading 

1st weekend

We’ve just opened the Writers of Influence exhibition to the public and had a good number of visitors in the opening weekend. Last Thursday, our local paper, The Sunderland Echo, came down to interview me, so it was great to … Continue reading 

Writers exhibition is here!

Emily Allen talks about installing the exhibition prior to the preview event tonight.