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and now for our feature presentation…

Adam Milford

Today is the University of Plymouth’s Fresher’s Fayre, and we’re busy promoting everything we do here at the Museum and Art Gallery┬áto the fresh young faces on campus. One of the things we’re keen to promote is our ‘Gig in … Continue reading 

3m 45s – please watch

Adam Milford

Please take 3m 45s out of your day to watch this great animation from David Shrigley – please note, it contains some language not necessarily suitable for younger viewers… Here is another one to have a look at – … Continue reading 

Supermodels: making use of our gallery maquettes

Tanya Weall

Young people attended a talk from Ros Carter Head of Exhibitions at contemporary art gallery ‘the John Hansard Gallery’. Ros talked about installing shows, and in the afternoon, the young people used the gallery models they had made to experiment … Continue reading 

Computer wizardry?

Adam Milford

Forgive me blogfather for I have sinned, it has been 56 days since my last blog. I’ve been busy though – our first draft layout of Writers of Influence: Shakespeare to J.K Rowling is now ready for our exhibition officer … Continue reading 

website editing taking place!

Lisa Beauchamp

Its getting quite exciting now as editing for the website is underway and the website is really taking shape! Its been great seeing all the filmed content that the partner galleries have collected and fascinating to see all the work … Continue reading 

Jet-set lifestyle?

Adam Milford

We had a partnership meeting in Sheffield yesterday, where all the staff involved with the partnership meet up to discuss matters relating to the exhibitions we produce, our education programmes, our marketing plans etc. Now, Plymouth to Sheffield is quite … Continue reading