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What connects tissue paper, gloves, bubblewrap and peeling vinyl letters?

Emily Allen

…The take down of the Writers exhibition at Sunderland. After months of planning, the deinstall happens in a matter of days, which somehow just seems wrong! But the art needs to be carefully packed up and transported out soon, so … Continue reading 

Heads buzzing with inspiration

Emily Allen

In the final week of the Writers exhibition at Sunderland, I’ve taken some time to evaluate what visitors have thought about the exhibition. It’s been really inspiring to read about other people being inspired! Here’s a few to share with … Continue reading 

Vote for your favourite writer

Emily Allen

Sunderland visitors to the exhibition have been busy scribing on the comments board, giving their thoughts on the exhibition and their favourite writer. We’ve just done a count and the results so far are: 1st – Roald Dahl 2nd – … Continue reading 

Writers exhibition is here!

Emily Allen

Emily Allen talks about installing the exhibition prior to the preview event tonight.

Trainers by the truck load, trainers by the tonne

Adam Milford

Well maybe not trainers, but certainly paintings, photographs, drawings, prints and sculptures! We waived goodbye to Writers of Influence this morning, so hopefully it will arrive in Sunderland at some point very soon. I managed to take a few photos while … Continue reading 

No legacy is so rich as honesty

Adam Milford

Happy New Year! I can now post an image from our schools workshops on here, after getting permission through from the school. I’ve put a selection up on our Flickr page, so please go and have a look at those too. The … Continue reading 

Luminous Blue

Tanya Weall

Tomorrow Southampton will host it’s private view for the Writers of Influence exhibition. The gallery has been painted a luminous blue, just like Kelda’s (Youth Forum) gallery model. Louise Stephenson (Exhibitions Officer) and Matt (Youth Forum) were applying the last … Continue reading 

Computer wizardry?

Adam Milford

Forgive me blogfather for I have sinned, it has been 56 days since my last blog. I’ve been busy though – our first draft layout of Writers of Influence: Shakespeare to J.K Rowling is now ready for our exhibition officer … Continue reading 

Seeing the Writers again & join our Facebook page!

Lisa Beauchamp

Yes I agree with Adam – travelling up and down the country isn’t quite as glamorous as it sounds! It was great to see the exhibition again in Sheffield. I love the red colours of the walls as it makes … Continue reading 

We are all writers

Anita Hamlin

Well the Writers of Influence show is proving to be very popular and I’ve now got the photographs from the launch evening. I’ve also started working with a group of Year 10 Creative and Media Diploma students from The City … Continue reading