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Vote for your favourite writer

Emily Allen

Sunderland visitors to the exhibition have been busy scribing on the comments board, giving their thoughts on the exhibition and their favourite writer. We’ve just done a count and the results so far are: 1st – Roald Dahl 2nd – … Continue reading 

WordFEST just around the corner!


It’s been a busy few weeks getting the WordFEST events ready for February Half Term which starts this Saturday. There have been lots of freelancer contracts and orders to write, events to plan and promotion of WordFEST to schools, youth groups and project partners. I’m … Continue reading 

1st weekend

Emily Allen

We’ve just opened the Writers of Influence exhibition to the public and had a good number of visitors in the opening weekend. Last Thursday, our local paper, The Sunderland Echo, came down to interview me, so it was great to … Continue reading 

Trainers by the truck load, trainers by the tonne

Adam Milford

Well maybe not trainers, but certainly paintings, photographs, drawings, prints and sculptures! We waived goodbye to Writers of Influence this morning, so hopefully it will arrive in Sunderland at some point very soon. I managed to take a few photos while … Continue reading 

Good-bye Shakespeare et al

Rebecca Moisan

I can’t believe that the exhibition is over – it doesn’t seem that long since it went up.  I started condition reporting it this morning and got stuck in straight away as I was a bit late having taken my children … Continue reading 

Glass balls: inside the world of Conservation

Tanya Weall

Last week Andy Ball (Exhibitions Officer) provided a great workshop on ‘Art Handling’ for young people. This was to prepare them for installing the Writers of Influence show and Andy showed them around the Conservation area. We had a look … Continue reading 

Film stars for a day!

Adam Milford

Hello, my name is Adam and I’m part of the Learning Team at Plymouth City Museum and Art Gallery. As part of my job I get to work with Primary and Secondary school groups, Further and Higher education students, Diploma … Continue reading 

Writers of Influence: From Shakespeare to JK Rowling

Sara Norrish

Hello I’m Sara here in very hot and sunny Plymouth! I’ve never written a blog in my life so doing this is very exciting for me, a techno numpty! I’m an Education Officer and I work with young people. We’ve … Continue reading 

Writers of Influence: Shakespeare to J.K. Rowling

Lisa Beauchamp

Hi, I’m Lisa and I work in the National programmes department of the National Portrait Gallery. I’m based in exhibitions but work on touring displays and exhibitions with our partner galleries in Sheffield, Southampton, Sunderland and Plymouth. It’s been really … Continue reading