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Q. Who are you?
My name is Joel Papps and I’m an artist, and an educator.
Q. What was your career path?
I took an arts degree and I got a little bit of success exhibiting locally in the South and also in London, and from that I started to do education workshops with young kids, and then got involved in doing work with young offenders, actually, and then did a PGCE certificate for secondary, and after that I just continued to do more workshops in schools in and around Hampshire, and working in art galleries in particular.
Q. What’s good about your job?
My artwork’s quite autobiographical, in fact I’ve done a lot of videos of myself, and my sculptures are relating to personal experience. So that’s, for me, enjoyment. The education work is just helping other be creative and helping them explore ideas that I’ve explored in the past. It’s just a way of me thinking about ideas, whether it’s relating to making artwork or whether it’s something political, social, or other I guess.
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