Career pathways: Business Development Manager

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I’m Esta Mion-Jones, I’m Business Manager here at Southampton City Art Gallery.
Business development manager often means sales, so I’m very much involved with income generation for the art gallery, and the museum services as well, I’m also involved with marketing and business development, so trying to develop partnerships as well as sponsorship and fund raising opportunities that come up.
I have a degree in art history, and I first started at the gallery as a very lowly secretary, doing the basics, but it was a really good grounding, actually, because when you do admin work you get to see the whole runnings of the art gallery. In those days, it was before they had the internet, before everyone had computers. So I actually had to type everybody’s letters, so the director right through to the conservation officers. It was a really good way to get what happened behind the scenes of the gallery, so when I came here fourteen years ago, that where I started. I then got into exhibitions. Exhibitions is always what excited me. I worked in exhibitions very much with installing and unpacking. I very much enjoyed that. I learned a lot, it was fantastic. The curators over the years imparted a lot of knowledge to me.
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