Career pathways: Curator of Visual Art

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Q. Who are you?
I’m Louise Briggs and I’m curator of visual art at Museums Sheffield.
Q. What does your job involve?
I basically work with our permanent collections of visual art. That includes the paintings, the sculpture, the works on paper, so the drawings, prints and photography, but I also work on exhibitions as well. So I worked on the comedians exhibition, and the writers exhibition.
Q. What was your career path?
Well, I got into museums because I loved art but I was never particularly good at it. So I went down the route of studying art history at university, and then I started volunteering at my local gallery. I really loved it, and I loved being involved in exhibitions.
Q. What’s good about your job?
I feel very privileged being able to work really closely with art objects and research them and think about them in a different way than when going to galleries. When I was at school they seemed quite distant. So just having that relationship with art but also the relationship we have with the audience. I get a really big kick out of being able to talk to our audience and find out what they’re interested in, and just if they’ve like a show that you’ve put on, and hearing the criticisms of a show you’ve put on. I think it’s a really interesting job to do.
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