Career pathways: Art Handlers Supervisor

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Q. Who are you?
My name is Kyle Lyndon, I’m head of art handling here, so I’m in charge of a team of four other art handlers, and between us we install all the shows, pack and unpack the loans that we do to other institutions, and anything else that’s to do with moving the work around.
Q. What was your career path?
I dropped into this work by accident. I had some who were doing their own exhibitions, so I was helping them out things together. The galleries had heard I could do a bit here and there, and bit by bit you just become more familiar with the scene, and then low and behold a proper job turns up, and you go for it, and if you’re lucky you get it.
Q. What skills do you need?
For this job the skills you need are: you need patience, you need spatial awareness, you need tact because you’ll be dealing with people who don’t work for the gallery so you’re like an ambassador for the gallery whilst you’re dealing with them. Practical skills aren’t usually too difficult. It’s more just the process and being really quick with it.
Q. What’s good about your job?
For me, I get a great sense of satisfaction from just having completed a good job. It could be an exhibition, or it could be just one picture swap. The fact is, if we’re consistent, it’s always the best results, everyone’s happy. It’s just the satisfaction at the end of the day of having done that.
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