Career pathways: Marketing Officer

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Q. Who are you?
My name is Sabina Rahman, I’m the marketing officer at the gallery, the particular area that is my role here is within audience development.
Q. What does your job involve?
What my job entails is to develop audiences for the gallery and to make sure our message is communicated to those audiences. That does involve identifying what those key priority audiences are and to try and find ways to communicate our message across to them. That message could change at different times, different times, different formats, but for example, if there’s a new exhibition in it’s making sure that those audiences are aware of what’s going on, so the hard-to-reach audiences, which is what I work with as well, they are people who’ve probably never been to the gallery before, and it’s really giving them an insight, welcoming them in, and making sure that they feel part of what we’re trying to do here at the gallery.
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