Career pathways: Senior HR Advisor

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My name is Shamailla Rashid, and I am a senior HR advisor.
Q. What does that involve?
The key elements of my role are recruitment, the absence management, performance management, advising managers and staff in relation to their contractual obligations, et cetera, and any queries they may have relating to their employment at the gallery.
Q. Do you have lots of qualifications?
In order to progress further and to ensure that I am updated with what is happening in the market, two years ago I did a masters and a CIPD in conjunction with each other. I would say it’s my experience that has brought me here today and not my qualification. It’s an added bonus to do my qualification, and I really did that for myself to make sure I was able to compete in the current market.
Q. What other opportunities are there?
Apart from human resources, there’s finance that you can get involved in, there’s facility side, there’s IT, so there are quite an array of jobs that are available; front of house, obviously working in the shop, retail.
Q. What do you get out of it?
I think it’s the people and the surroundings. The diverse group of people you can work with and the levels of experience and knowledge that people bring to the job, and it just makes my job interesting to do.
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