Career pathways: Visitor Services Assistant

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My name is Sheila Fellows and I’m a visitors assistant at Museums Sheffield so I get to work at different sites, across the road at the Millennium Gallery, and here at the Graves Gallery.¬
Q. What does that involve?
Well, basically, we’re responsible for the security of the gallery, so what we actually do is interact with the public when they come to see exhibitions, and we supply them with information if they need to know anything about the shows, and generally talk to them about what they think, because the whole point is to get people into the galleries, and the more people feel welcome, and that their opinions are valued, the more likely they are to come back.
Q. What is it like to work there?
It’s just a good environment to work in. You’ve got a certain amount of hours in a week you’ve got to work. This is really enjoyable. You get to see things that come to Sheffield that are really fantastic, touring shows, and we’ve got a fabulous collection in Sheffield, we’re very proud of it, we have a wonderful painting collection. It’s great to be able to ¬†share your enthusiasm with people who com in.¬
Q. What do you get out of it?¬
I think, for me, the best part about my job is seeing people leave the gallery happy, or talking about it or enthusiastic about it – they’ve seen something they’re interested in. They might come back again.¬
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