Design: Implementation

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Ian Gardner: For it to run, it’s just making sure nothing goes completely wrong, so we’re always on hand if a caption falls off, or if there’s a mistake, or if they want to change the hang set if it’s got too busy in a particular area. It’s kind of like a bit of a rescue team, but beforehand we’ll be over the road, putting up the captions, making sure the build’s been done to all the standards, what we’ve sent out is right, because there’s a lot of times where we’ve sent out stuff that we’ve drawn and it comes back and it’s wrong with the set builders. You’re over there the whole time, because you want to have their input, I mean you could sit there and ignore it, but it’s your baby, so you’ve got to be there. We get involved in online design, whether it’s web banners for marketing purposes, and then with the website we help out and make sure everything looks as it should. I mean, we don’t get involved in the day to day running of the website if there’s something on like an exhibition we’ll design the the logo thingy and give it to the people who know what they’re doing.Â
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A designer knows he has achieved perfection not when there is nothing left to add, but when there is nothing left to take away.

Antoinè De Saint-Exupéry, Poet and Author

You have a plan. Everyone knows what they need to do, and by when. You will need to be both hands-on, and an effective team member. Putting on an exhibition is a collaborative art. The space you design can breathe new life into the artworks on display. Will the overall experience of the exhibition live up to audience expectations?

How do you produce something you’ve designed?

  • Is the curator and exhibition team happy with your design? How will you incorporate any changes they have?
  • Will you have to employ any professionals for space construction, decorating or electrical work?
  • What process will you set up to ensure all text is proof-read to ensure no spelling mistakes or grammatical errors?
  • Will you work with an external printer to print the text panels, captions or wall vinyls?
  • Who do you need to speak to so that health and safety standards are met?

How will you ensure the design process is realised to schedule?

  • Who do you need to consult with during the design process?
  • How will you keep the team updated?
  • How will you ensure everyone knows the design schedule?
  • How long do you have to get the space designed?
  • How long do the art handlers need to set up the objects in the space?

How will you gather evidence to evaluate the success of the exhibition design?

  • What plans have you implemented to capture visitor feedback in the space?