Marketing: Evaluation

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Denise Elltison: The way we measure success at the gallery is in many different ways. There’s footfall, there’s the number of people that come through gallery, that come through an exhibition, we have income targets for exhibitions, we also have quality ratings so the research that we do with visitors on exit, we asked them how they enjoyed their visit, they would rate their visit, we have ratings for staff, so those are important, to make sure the quality of the visit is good. We also benchmark ourselves against other museums and galleries and other attractions. We’re involved in a couple of different benchmarking surveys.Â
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Unless your campaign has a big idea, it will pass like a ship in the night.

David Ogilvy, Advertising Guru

You need to think about what went well, what worked – and why. You will want to build on this success with your next campaign You will also need to look at what didn’t go so well or according to plan. What would you do differently? Look at the work you did for the research, planning and implementation stages to help you evaluate your campaign.

What evidence have you gathered?

  • Look at how you show your process and project management, how you planned the campaign, evidence of impact (press coverage, audience surveys, vistor numbers, online buzz).

Have you achieved your aims and objectives?

  • Use the evidence to show which objectives you have met, which were successful and why.
  • Which were not achieved and lessons learned.

What feedback have you received?

  • How can you use feedback to gain a rounded picture of how successful your campaign has been?
  • How much of the success can be directly attributed to the marketing?

What can you learn for your next campaign?