Event assignments

Real life scenarios: How would you cope with real life challenges of working in the creative industries?

Get the party started
A new exhibition is opening at a local venue and you need to attract 100 young people to attend the opening party. Create a project plan explaining what events you’d organise including a schedule for the night.

Taking over the Space
How can you transform an exhibition space into an exciting, lively performance place? Think of a local venue, what performing arts event would you organise there and how would you transform the space?

It’s a Family Affair
Think of a local venue like a museum, library or community centre. You’ve been tasked with attracting young families to the place. How will you find out what local families would be interested in and what activities could you put on over 1 summer to attract them?

Check out the exhibition images in the exhibition section Writers of Influence. The exhibition has everything from Shakespeare to Dizzee Rascal. You need to organise five events to attract primary and secondary schools to see the show. What activities would you organise and what school subjects would they connect to?